2014 Carp Fly Swap

Welcome to the summary page for Fly-Carpin's 2014 carp fly swap.  This is the third annual swap, be sure and check out the 2012 and 2013 swaps as well.  For each individual fly click the title or details button to go to a blog post with more pictures, recipes, etc. etc.

To view all blog posts related to the 2014 fly swap click here.


  1. Hey, I'm a carp angler and trying my luck at catching them on the fly, how can i order some flies from here? Also, do i need to contribute to the swap in order to get the swap? (if that makes any sense). Please let me know.
    Tight lines!

    Nick Ameiss

  2. Nick - I apologize for the slow response. Some of these swap flies are available at http://www.carppro-store.com/Fly-Fishing-Flies/Carp-Flies with more and more coming as time goes on. The swap is done for this year, keep a steady eye on Fly-Carpin next January when I will announce the next one. It will fill in hours if not minutes.

  3. Hope I can get in on it next year too


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