Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Meetz' Carp Bug

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Tier: Levi Meetz
State: Wisconsin

About:   "This fly is are experimental at the moment.  I am 15 years old from WI, and I recently got into fly tying last winter and carp specifically last fall so I haven't had a chance to go out and really try for carp yet."

Notes:  Levi is a one of a number of high energy gung-ho youngsters in the swap this year.  If I hadn't back-door reserved 3/4 of the spots I am pretty certain a majority of the swappers would be under 20!  It is hard for guys my age to conceptualize but I think that for most younger guys, fly fishing for carp is just part of the landscape.  In their generation, I suspect that it might end up being kindof weird to NOT fly fish for carp.
  • Hook: Small Jig Hooks
  • Thread:­ Small green.
  • Body:  Red STS Trilobal
  • Hackle:­ Black chinese saddle hackle.
  • Weight­:  20 to 25 wraps of .010 lead.
  • Legs:­ Spirit River white silicone grizzly legs.
  • Wing:­ Natural bucktail


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