Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: John Montana's Hybrid

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Tier: John Montana
Location: Portland Oregon
Home Water: Columbia River
Instagram: @johnmontanacarp

About: "Now, when people ask me "What flies should I fish for carp?" The easy answer would be the Hybrid. I catch 80% of my carp on that fly, and it is a concrete answer that I can give complete with a picture, list of tying materials, and even a link to where you can buy some.  But it is the wrong answer. The right answer is to say Rule #1: Know your more here"

Notes:  There is something appealing about this fly for both carp and carp fly fishers alike.  Since it hit the internet a couple of years ago their is no doubt that John Montana's Hybrid is the hottest carp fly out there.  I have had really good luck with it myself last year.

  • Hook: CarpPro Gaper size 8.
  • Eyes: Small brass, black nickel. 
  • Tail: Ultra chennile, standard wine or claret.
  • Body: Hareline Black Ice-Dub Chennile.
  • Hackle: Pheasant Rump, yellow.
Tying Video:


  1. I know a coupla guys down here who fish the Coosa River in AL and they swear by the hybrid.

    1. It really does seem to work in allot of places Ty

  2. Thank you for this fly. I like it.
    I´ll go to fly fishing with it.


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