Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Hammond's Carp Ganja

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Tier: Travis Hammond
State: Kennewick, Washington

About:  "This fly is an experimental part of a strategy to try and catch stubborn mid-summer sunners. Basically, the fly is styled after a rubber legged Hare’s Ear but tied with marabou. The glass bead and foam wing-case make it sink slowly so you can get it in front of suspended or sunning carp for a long time. Give it a small twitching action right under the fish’s nose to induce engulfment." 

Picture of Travis from his trip with Dan.
Notes: "I am a dedicated carpaholic going on seven years now with no end in sight. To me, you just can't beat boat fishing and wading for carp on the beautiful gravel flats of the Mid-Columbia River, which I am lucky to have as my local water. As far as my contributions to the world of fly fishing for carp, I am a fly designer for Catch Fly Fishing and have been a contributor to Carp Pro. Oh, and when is it going to be summer?"

Editor's Note: Dan has fished with Travis and claims he is one of the best carp flyfishermen he has ever fished with. Dan also claims Travis has a magic chest pack that, much like a clown car, can produce can of beer after can of beer until you begin to wonder if the laws of physics are being violated.


  • Hook: Size 10 or 12 nymph hook
  • Bead: Small brown or black glass bead
  • Tail: A single forked piece of Olive barred sili legs
  • Abdomen: olive marabou feather twisted into a rope and wrapped about half way up the hook shank
  • Wing-case: 1/8” diameter olive foam tied in just in front on the abdomen
  • Body: Use the remaining marabou from the abdomen and palmer around the hook shank up to the bead
  • Legs: olive barred sili legs tied on either side of the body


  1. Ohhh I like the idea and logic behind this one a lot. Very innovative! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I meant to type..... I need one of those chest packs!!!


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