Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Scarborough's Brasshawk

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Tier: Danny Scarborough
State: Texas
Website:   Find Danny on Instagram at @flyinhand_tx

About:  "I've gone through several simpler versions of this fly while trying to develop something new and, of course, effective for the carp I fish. Most of the water near me is a little murky so on the lakes I'm basically looking for tailers in a foot or less of water. This fly is also great for eaters in up to three feet of water on our clear hill country rivers. I tie it in several versions, but this particular color is for when the damsel nymphs are more active and crawling out of the water.  While I've been fishing since I was three, I only began fly fishing about 4 years ago. I started flyfishing the white bass spawn exclusively. Soon I realized I could catch anything on a flyrod so I retired my baitcaster and branched out to redfish, speckled seatrout, catfish, rainbow trout, crappie, and eventually carp. The first carp I ever caught was a 14lb grass carp on a freaking 4wt which is the current state record on a fly rod. I still cant believe that one. Last year I began to really figure out carp and have since caught quite a few on various bodies of water. I'm quite addicted. I even won a carp tournament that our local Orvis store hosted. Carp are my favorite freshwater fish and probably the most challenging fish out of any species I fish for, but the salt has my heart and soul. If I have a chance to go to the coast I'm there."

  • Thread: Olive 6/0
  • Eyes: Small gold bead-chain
  • Tail: Hair from cheeks of an olive hare's mask
  • Abdomen: Hare ice dub peacock
  • Legs: Small olive/black barred rubber legs
  • Wing case: Pheasant tail
  • Hook: Size 10 76AR heavy egg hook or preferred strong sharp hook (their are definitely better hooks to use)

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  1. Great looking fly! The murky water theories never seem to work for me. I catch as many carp on white egg or other light fly as dark. This fly though looks very visible.



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