Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: McTage's Chubby Chaser, Leech

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Tier: Me
Location:  CO
Website: This one.

About: "I have been working on this fly for several months now specifically for this years fly swap.  It started complicated, got simpler, and now after about 40 prototypes, hours of bathtub testing and 20 or so carp hooked, it is really pretty simple.  Take a Jaime's Krazy Karper style peirced rabbit strip, add some sweet Cohen's Carp Dub in a loop, throw in my signature head-stand style and the coolest freaking carp fly name ever (if I do say so myself) and there you have it.  A relatively easy to tie head-stand leech pattern with a laterally flattened profile and some good looks.  

So far I have had really excellent luck with it to hard tailing carp over a silty bottom that are creating thier own heavy dust cloud that makes it hard for them to find your fly.  I have actually had outstanding success in that scenario, which is pretty common on many of the front range reservoirs which are basically silt pits."

Note: I'm adding this to McTage's post without his knowledge... man I hope he doesn't yell at me. Trevor is not only a tremendous carp flyfisherman, he is one of the true revolutionaries in carp fly design. The amount of thought, testing, and trial that go into his fly patterns rivals that of new airplane designs. That's why his flies are not only shockingly creative, they also act EXACTLY how he hopes they will in the water. On top of all that, Trevor is a great guy who puts forth a gargantuan effort to make this swap happen. I've helped this year and you wouldn't believe the amount of hours spent away from his family and the water in order to bring you this; the best fly swap for any species, full stop. Thanks for making this happen for everyone McTage. You are a gentleman and a scholar. - DF

  • Hook: CarpPro Gaper Size 6
  • Thread:  140 Denier UTC, black
  • Eyes: #6 black bead-chain (what you get in the store is painted brass)
  • Bead: 3.25mm brass, black
  • Over and Underbody: Pat Cohen's Carp Dub Northern Lights Black from Hareline
  • Mid-Body:  A 5/8" long magnum rabbit strip tapered on both ends 

Tying Video:


  1. great fly, and spot on with the comments, Dan, couldn't agree more!

  2. Classy Dan, great write up, and thanks for your effort as well!


  3. What hook would you recommend as a replacement seeing as though carp pro is always sold out of the gapers.

    1. Tiemco 105 is roughly the same size and shape without the small downturn. Although not quite as strong and sharp it works well.

    2. Tiemco 105 is roughly the same size and shape without the small downturn. Although not quite as strong and sharp it works well.


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