Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Martinez' CSG Convertible

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Tier: Steve Martinez
Location: MI

About: "This fly is a convertible fly, taking some tips from bass fishermen. A stinger hook is looped off of the main hook and held with a piece of silicone rubber. The extra tail has a great action and adds some bulk to the profile. If you want a more delicate profile the trailing hook can be slipped over the hook and removed. When the tail is removed the fly resembles  a sculpin/goby profile. When the tail is attached the profile has a more crawfish look.  "

Notes: Steve is one of the most innovative tiers out there and I think the design of this fly illustrates that nicely. An accomplished tier, world class guide and CarpPro prostaffer, Steve Martinez exemplifies the carp on the fly world. Out of the box thinking, intense creativity and trying the untried. 

  • Hook: Daichi 1530 s24
  • Tail 1: Barred Marabou
  • Tail 2 : (seperate hook, cut) Grouse or Pheasant
  • Tail 3: Grizzly Hackle
  • Rear: Orange Shlappen Palmered Intruder Style
  • Rubber Leg 1: 2 Orange centipede legs, tied on side of hook
  • Body: Olive Brown Lazer Dub
  • Forward Coller: Orange Schlappen Palmered Intruder Style
  • Head: Dubber Razer Dub
  • Eyes: Med - Large Black Bead Chain


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