Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Frasier's Foxy Lady

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Tier: Dan Frasier
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Instagram: @dcfrasier

About: "The Foxy Lady is the product or a horrific vehicle accident. Returning from a fishing trip a few years ago, I ran over a red fox with my Wrangler. So it was more horrific for the fox than it was for me. Anyway, I jumped out, put the fox out of his misery and then got to looking at his fur. I couldn't resist so I took the tail. The color and, especially, consistency intrigued me. I went through many many different prototypes of flies, using the fox fur; attempting small crayfish patterns. The color was what I wanted, gray's, rusts, and blacks, and the action in the water was perfect, but I just couldn't get the profile I wanted. The fur would collapse on itself. Eventually I stumbled upon the answer. By tying in the hackle with the tips facing forward and then folding them back eventually when it came time to tie the head, I created a collar that stood almost as wide as the fly is long. That, along with the SUPER delicate presentation and slow sink rate allowed me to target the super skinny fish I frequently encounter. This is my go to fly all summer long when faced with crayfish eating carp."

Notes:  It is a good thing Dan stepped in and offered to help with the swap this year because otherwise it just wasn't going to happen.  It certainly wasn't going to happen with free Orvis fly boxes and free Scientific Anglers lines to boot!  Dan making stuff happen is nothing new though.  It is just what he does, and behind the scenes Dan has been putting the fly fishing for carp revolution on his shoulders and lifting it on high.  The poor guy's fingers bleed with all the messaging, emailing and electronic kbitzing he does coordinating the various cells of the revolution across the country.  Thanks man. - McTage

  • Hook: CarpPro Gaper Size 6
  • Head: Bead-chain Eyes
  • Tail: Red Fox Tail Fur
  • Body: Rust coarse dubbing of your choice
  • Hackle: Red Fox Tail, spun with tips over the eye and folded back when tying the head


  1. The Best Fly Swap Around, Thanks Dan and Trevor!


    1. lets just throw modesty out the window and agree. Best swap out there.


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