Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Lipton's Whistle Pig

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Tier: JP Lipton
State: Minnesota
Website: http://www.roughfisher.com/
Instagram:  @roughfisher

About:  "This pattern contains many of the key elements found in a successful carp pattern: Soft hackle, rubber legs, bead chain, coarse/buggy dubbing, UV hotspot, and most importantly, it rides hook point up.  While the mini legs can be a pain to tie, especially in the dry, static electricity filled air of winter, it will pay dividends.  There is plenty of movement with those legs, and the variegation of the legs is awesome at providing a disruptive camouflage. This fly is very compact and robust, presenting a hearty meal to carp and thus providing a high benefit-cost value to feeding fish.  In the case of of finicky, selective fish, undress the fly and tie it naked, without the soft hackle collar and dubbed head."

Notes: JP is one of the true OG's in the carp on the fly revolution. His innovation in both patterns and materials is unparalleled and has inspired many a first time carper. JP's Carp Crack was one of my earliest "confidence patterns". I also puked in his yard once. - Dan
  • Hook: Umpqua U401 (Stainless, 1X Strong O'Shaugnessy), Size 4
  • Thread: UNI-Thread, 6/0, Fire Orange
  • Eyes: #8 (5/32") bead chain, Black
  • Tail: Woodchuck, guardhair
  • Body: Roughfisher Spectral Seal Sub Dub, UV Olive (or Kaki for Kaki version)
  • Underwing: Krystal Flash, UV Pearl
  • Wing: Woodchuck, underfur
  • Legs: Centipede Legs, mini, Olive (Or White for Kaki version)
  • Thorax: Roughfisher Spectral Seal Sub Dub, UV Khaki; Hen ringneck pheasant

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