Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Adduci's Rock Hopper

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Tier: Austin Adduci
State: Illinois

About:  "This is best fished in the great lakes region hopped, bounced or dragged on the bottom.  The longer tail fibers along with the rabbit hair head breathe underwater with very little movement"

Notes:  This fly is 2.5" long.  Austin guides on the Great Lakes for carp and his charter service is a member of Fly-Carpin's guide directory.  

  • Hook:  TMC 200r size 4 or 6 
  • Eyes:  Medium painted lead dumb-bell 
  • Tail and Body: Grizzly marabou 
  • Head: Magnum zonker strip (hair only, no hide)


  1. Love this. Too meaty for the big c but that is a dream fly for lake Mi! Great looking bug.

    1. I may try and finnagle it so that you and other guys making the Great Lakes Pilgrimage this year have greater chances of getting some of the awesome great lakes patterns in the swap this year.

  2. Awesome fly! I do have aggressive carp that will work on, but I'm talking fry size compared to LM.


    1. This one probably scales down quite well, and is actually pretty moderately sized for a Great Lakes inspired pattern. I think I could tie it up on an 8 and hook it up on slightly less aggresive carp.


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