Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Wilson's Blood Leech

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Tier: Brent Wilson
State: Idaho

About: "I present to you my simple blood leech. It may not be the most impressive fly to many fly tiers, but this fly has impressed a whole lot of 20 to 30lb carp. I've caught more carp in East Idaho on this pattern than any other and I've converted all of my buddies out here to this fly."

Notes:  Brent Wilson is one of the preeminent carp flyfishermen and photographers in the US. The mirror carp that he catches with regularity are second to none. Many times I've found myself shopping for plane tickets shortly after seeing another one of Brent's mirror carp photos. 
  • Hook: #8 3xl downeye streamer hook
  • Weight: 5/32" black bead head
  • Body: black and burgundy simiseal dubbing
  • Tail: black marabou tail


  1. That's heartening, I have those for trout, if I ever go 250 miles east...


  2. another example of K I S S. Keep It Simple. I've had great success catching carp using "ordinary" flies that catch trout.

  3. this is one of my favorite patterns! great for Carp and specifically good on Catfish in my neck of the woods. This fly is probably the best all-around fly to fish no matter where you are in the world.


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