Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Cohen's Farmer's Daughter

Sketch by Pat Cohen
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Tier: Pat Cohen
State: New York

About "This fly can be fished as a swimming nymph, or allowed to sing and bounce along the bottom. It has lots of natural movement, so it can be fished slow to unsure or skittish carp. It rides hook point up to minimize snags. The Farmer's Daughter is sure to not disappoint."

Notes:  Pat is the kind of guy who just casually doodles a killer carp sketch (shown above) on the address label of his swap flies package. I think he is one of the most artistic fly designers in the country and he recently released Cohen's Carp Dub in partnership with Hareline Dubbing. Pat is also on the CarpPro pro-staff and you can buy his custom flies at
  • Hook:  Gamakatsu B10s size 4
  • Tail:  
    • Hareline X-Select Craft Fur, orangutan rust
    • Grizzly Flutter Legs, black barred rootbeer. 
  • Body: 
    • Cohen's Carp Dub, blaze orange
    • Thin Skin
    • Medium brass wire
  • Wing Case: Thin Skin
  • Thorax
    • Cohen's Carp Dub, blaze orange
    • Shaggy Dub, tan
  • Eyes: Large bead chain, black
  • Bead:  Cyclops 5/32 brass

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