Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Sobolic's Gilly Bad Bitch

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Tier: Matus Sobolic
State: California
About:  "After lots of success on my local water fishing various spawn and egg flies, I noticed that the carp were starting to catch on to me. They would see my flies and even turn to approach them, only to spook at the last second. I set out to create a spawn type fly that not only looked more natural but was also still easy to track. The Gilly Bad Bitch has a moderate sink rate and works great on slower sections of water. Present it with a drag and drop or drift it slowly to cruising or suspended fish.
Notes: Pretty sure getting that hackle between the sucker spawn folds was a labor of blood sweat and tears.  Whatever it takes right?!?!?!

  • Hook: Gamakatsu  SL45 Bonefish size 8
  • Thread: Black 6/0
  • Body: Egg fly yarn in egg color with grizzly hackle wrapped through each segment
  • Thorax: Dark tan spectra blend nymph
  • Bead: 1/8 brass bead in black nickel


  1. That has my vote! I have the same experiences you have had, this is a neat solution!


    1. I haven't beat down any carp enough with the sucker spawn / egg to educate them but Mike Medina has. He might want to try it too.

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  3. HI mc Tag,View Questions, hope It is not boring.1. Lets say water is clear, and you can see the Carps head in 3 feet of water, what two colors would be your choice? 2. If the water is murky, and you can only see the carps head in a foot of water... what two colors would you use?3. What is your take on flash/dubbing for the body of the fly. Good or Bad....?4. On smaller carp, 1lb to 4lb. Do you find that they want smaller vlies? 5. If you find the carp is difficult, but are eating, would you down scale, lets say from a size 8 fly to a 10/12 ? Same fly? or would you go for another pattern? Thanks for your time, and great blog. Not a hole lot of anglers in South Africa going for carp on fly, so I use you and John Montana, Mr P Wendy Barrel for guide lines.Regards Ulrich


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