Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Gregg's Bitter Bugger

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Tier: Gregg Martin
State: Idaho

About:  "After tying a carp colored version of Matthew's Bonefish Bitter and thinking it lacked inherent movement for carp; I slowly developed the Bitter Bugger. The unique head, I believe, explains the vicious takes I get with this fly. I have never seen it taken. I fish it primarily in a cold early season pond with a mostly silt/small cobble bottom on a full sink line where I slowly inch fly over the bottom. It is also the only carp fly I have used with success in black and olive. Like the iconic backstabber, it may be tied in many color combinations."

Notes:  Gregg is one of the most creative and technically proficient tiers I know and his attention to detail is amazing. His creations never cease to impress. If you'd like to see one of these flies in person you can buy them at the CarpPro Store.  Gregg is a CATCH fly designer and you can see many more of his flies and techniques on the CarpPro forum where he is a regular contributor.

  • Hook:  Dai Riki 810 #6 and Dai Riki 135 #6
  • Head: Epoxy colored with nail polish over colored medium bead chain.
  • Thread: UTC 70 Denier color matches body.
  • Weight: 7-8 wraps .025 lead 
  • Tail: Zonker strip cut from hide with guard hairs removed.
  • Legs: Preferably Sexi Legs matching tail/body-others will work.
  • Rib: Small Ultra Wire; copper, gold or color of body. Rib binds hackle.
  • Hackle: Dyed Grizzly or grizzly, black saddle on black version. Hackle trimmed flat on bottom after being well picked out.
  • Body: Preferably Spikey Squirrel with SLF, also Wapsi Life Cycle in stonefly gold and cream, a or black. Dubbed from front to back and to front.

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