Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Zimmerman's Backstabber

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Tier: Jay Zimmerman
State: Colorado, Coal Creek

About:  Jay's Backstabber is THE iconic carp fly. Carried by Umpqua and sold in shops around the country, this fly has accounted for untold numbers of fish in the net.

Notes: Jay is a fly designer for Umpqua, flyfishing guide and renowned author. Check out his books Top Ten Guide to Flyfishing and In Neck Deep and keep your eyes open for his newest book "The Best Carp Flies and How to Tie Them" which is coming soon! In his spare time, of which there is none, he contributed a fantastic article to the flyfishing special edition of CarpPro magazine. 
  • Hook:  Gamakatsu SL45 #6
  • Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0 Black
  • Weight:   Dazl-Eye 1/8th Nickel
  • Body 1: Dave Whitlock SLF Dubbing, Minnow Belly
  • Body 2: Dave Whitlock SLF Dubbing, Minnow Gills
  • Topping 1: Marabou, Medium Dun
  • Topping 2: Marabou, Brown
  • Hackle: Hungarian Partridge


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