Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Christmas' Hack Variant

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Tier: Miles Christmas
State: MEEEEEchigan

About:  "This variation of the Egan's Headstand Nymph is faster sinking than the original for the moving and deeper water I usually fish. Drag and drop it into the zone and twitch it if it's ignored. You know, the standard carp presentation.  I caught 7 carp over 20lbs on this fly this year, but 4 of those times it was the same fish!"

Notes:  Miles has been fly fishing for carp longer than some of our participants have been alive.  He may denigrate his flies by naming them things like "Hack Variant", but we know two things.  1)  If Miles fishes it, it gets eaten and 2)  Miles has found the stupidest 20 pounder on the planet and is completely willing to to catch it over and over and over and over.  Find him on Instagram at @milesxmas.  
  • Hook:  #8 TMC 2457
  • Tail: Barred orange rabbit fur and brown speckled crazy legs
  • Legs: Hareline Dubbin: Rusty Orange
  • Beard:  Peacock Hearl
  • Eyes: Black mini lead dumbbell
  • Head: Dubbed orange egg yarn

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