Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Reynolds' Upside Down Swimming Nymph and Carp Soft-Hackle

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Tier: Barry Reynolds
Notes:  Barry Reynolds really needs no introduction, but just in case you live under a rock he basically helped start the revolution by co-authoring the book "Carp on The Fly".  He then followed that up with several great videos and many magazine articles.  All the while he has been a mentor for me and many other Denver Metro carpers over the years.

The first of Barry's submissions is an upside down version of the swimming nymph.  I suspect that many people don't really realize that he often ties and fishes his swimming nymphs much more like a crayfish than a nymph.   His bodies are a little more robust, his hackle is dressed a little thicker and he often (but not always) uses WAY more weight than people imagine.  It looks like a big dubbed body but what you can't tell in pictures is that Barry is totally unafraid of fishing a thin veneer of dubbing over a thick lead body - particularly when he is fishing heavy current in the Denver South Platte.

His second fly is a small white soft hackle.  You would think he would already know it all right?  Not at all.  Barry is always just as ready to learn from others as teach, and one of the things he has learned from us (many of us) in the revolution over the past three years or so is how effective the soft hackle can be for carp.  

Upside Down Swimming Nymph Recipe:
  • Hook: Teimco 200R size 6
  • Thread: 140 Denier Fluorescent Orange
  • Tail:  Brown Mini Marabou
  • Body: Wapsi Craw Dub Rusty Brown??
  • Weight: 8 wraps 0.020" lead wire
  • Eyes:  Medium Black Bead-chain
  • Legs: Brown Indian Hen
  • Wing-Case:  Peackock

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