Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Eric's UV2 Carp Leggs (Bonus Flies!!!!)

Tier: Eric Beebe
State: Montana

Notes:  Since he owns a fly company, Eric practically swims in flies.  He doesn't really need any flies back beyond those that participants explicitly want submitted to CATCH, but he still wanted to participate.  In order to support the swap and celebrate carp flies he sat down and personally tied up a full batch of 40 UV2 Carp Leggs as bonus flies.

About:  "This fly doesn't sink as fast as you might think.  I like to do the drag and drop with it followed by small twitches until they see it then stop, wait and hold on!"

Eric Bebee's UV2 Carp Leggs Carp Fly

  • Hook:  Dai-Riki #810 Size 4 
  • Tail:  Barred and Speckled Red Crazy Legs 
  • Body: Black UV2 Dubbing 
  • Neck: Black UV2 Schlappen 
  • Throat: MFC Red Barred Ostrich Herl 
  • Eyes: Dazzle Dumbbell Eyes 
  • Beard: Black Schlappen 
  • Thread: 210 Denier Black Danvilles


  1. That looks awesome. Reminds me of a bass jig crossed with a crazy charlie.

    1. I had a bit of the same thought. When you are holding it, it just has this little bit of a micro-tube-jig feel to it.

  2. I agree, as carpy as they come.



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