Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Garza's Sculpin

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Tier: Mario Garza
State: MEEEEEchigan

About:  "My fly tying started with patterns for the local waters I fish.  The smallmouth flies I tie are usually successful patterns from Mike Schultz and the other guides at Schultz Outfitters.  As I dove into carp fishing, The Schultz Outfitters crew were a huge influence on me.  However, most patterns I tie tend to be heavily influenced by the flies of JP Lipton at roughfisher.com.  As JP has shown on his site, sculpins are a hot pattern.

This pattern is based on a common wooly bugger variant i've seen in shops for trout, with the addition of rubber legs and a rabbit head, as used on Schultz's S3 sculpin pattern.  I tied them in both burnt orange and natural rabbit.  Natural colors have been the ticket on the Huron River here in Michigan lately."

Notes:  At 1.5" total length, this fly is much smaller and delicate than it looks in the pictures.  Mario lives in carp heaven and knows how to catch 'em. The man eats, drinks and sleeps fly fishing. Find him on Instagram at @mgarza912.  
  • Hook:  Orvis 9034 Size 6
  • Tail:  2 grizzly marabou feathers, stacked on top of hook
  • Legs: Hareline Dubbin: Rusty Orange
  • Body:  Marabou feathers from tail wrapped forward to eyes
  • Eyes:  Medium lead
  • Pec Fins2 sili legs on each side (trim to adjust sink rate)
  • Head: Rabbit fur spun in a dubbing loop and wrapped around eyes


  1. I see I have flies that would work as is in Lake Michigan. But I wouldn't be so sure without this swap. Nice fly-great swap.


    1. Oh yeah, this would work in Lake MI. About the same size and profile of the fly Miles and Ty caught ALL their carp on there last year and just a little more dainty than the one I was using. It seems clear from talking to allot of people that just because you CAN get away with big flies doesn't mean you HAVE to use big flies. At least not all the time.

  2. Huron River money fly right there for sure!


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