Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Vargo's Weedless Roughdub Crayfish

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Tier: Christopher Vargo
State: St. Louis, Missouri
About:  "This fly goes back to my warm water awakening some 5 or 6 years ago when I started to pursue Carp in the Missouri River feeder streams. Visibility on these feeders is almost always extremely poor so I was left to search out my first carp completely blind; dragging the bottom in likely places and losing a ton of flies in the process. Some of my best luck came with crayfish flies and weedless crayfish kept me from losing half a dozen flies every time I went out, not to mention the ease with which these things come out of trees and bushes on faulty casts. Common Carp or Grass Carp see these flies and they just want them. This fly completely covered my Grass Carp and Common Carp fishing for at least an entire season and is still my go-to Common carp fly. My carp prefer this fly in sizes 6 and 8, but don't be afraid to go large with this pattern either! Its great on virtually everything that eats crayfish. I like sizes 2 and 4 for freshwater drum and Largemouth Bass. If you're headed to the Great Lakes the Hammerhead version of this fly in size 4 is reported to absolutely kill it on Beaver Island. I tie this fly almost exclusively weedless and thought some of you old pros or young bucks alike might find a use for this baby somewhere in your arsenal.
Notes:  Christopher is a phenomenal tier, exceptional fly fisherman and professional fly tier. Check out many more of his flies (or buy this one) at his store at Missouriflies.
  • Hook: Dai Riki #930 size 6 (2-8) 
  • Eyes: Lead/beadchain 
  • Claws: Fox colored Squirrel Tail
  • Body:  Squirrel tail and synthetic dubbing blend
  • Weedguard: Mason hard mono 16lb 


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