Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Scott Wells' Carp Fly

Copyright 2014,  Scott Wells, http://reelfishink.com
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Tier: Scott Wells

Location: Denver, CO
Website: http://reelfishink.com/

About: "This is a guide fly with only two basic materials.  I have used this fly or close variants to it for many years and have caught a ton of carp on it."

Notes:  Scott Wells has been harassing the Denver South Platte carp on the fly as long as just about anybody I know.  He has a passion for anything having to do with water and the outdoors and he has extended that passion into his art.  We are going to get a little side-tracked from his fly on this post, because You HAVE GOT TO check out his fish prints

Scott specializes in making carefully enhanced prints of real fish and his mirror carp prints have got to be the coolest carp art I know of.  They are also for sale - so don't be shy if you like his stuff.

Copyright 2014, Scott Wells, http://reelfishink.com
  • Hook: Size 6 Gamakatsu SL-45.
  • Eyes:  Medium Brass, silver coating
  • Thread: 6/0,  fluorescent orange
  • Body: Leech Mohair 
  • Tail / Leggs: Hareline Buggy Nymph Leggs, Brown

Copyright 2014, Scott Wells, http://reelfishink.com

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  1. Simply awesome art. Love the parrot fish, if that is what it is.



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