Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Erdosy's Carp Crab

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Tier: Mark Erdosy
Location: Delaware
Instagram: @thisriveriswildflyfishing

About: "The carp crab was designed to imitate a crayfish in the defensive position. It's inspiration came from the Diablo Crab, which is a saltwater pattern that utilizes the "webby" portion of a schlappen hackle to give the fly a deadly action in the water. I use the pattern while fly fishing for carp on the Delaware and Susquehanna rivers in NY, PA, and MD that have a large population of crayfish. The pattern is heavily weighted to get deep quickly even in flowing water. I typically use the drag and drop method when fishing this pattern, and like to put it within a few feet of the carp's field of vision. Carp are quick to investigate the pattern and have taken it on the drop, sitting still on the bottom, after a quick twitch, and even blind casting and stripping in the fly. Carp have chased this pattern down and turned around to come back and eat this fly. It is really exciting to fish and is a welcome change of pace from the intricacies of fishing the column with unweighted flies.

The fly can be tied and fished in a wide variety of sizes. Smaller and lighter sizes do well in skinny water, while you can tie this on a size 2 or 4 hook for big carp in rivers or the Great Lakes. My best color combinations are brown, rust, and orange followed by olive and yellow. You can vary the number of rubber legs in the tail and can also tie it with a weed/rock guard if you are getting hung up. When stopped, the pattern should perform a slight head stand, the schlappen should protrude out the sides and resemble a crayfish. I tied it with a UV polar chenille underbody that gives the pattern a good sheen without spooking the fish."

Notes: An absolutely premier fly by one of the carp world's premier fly tiers, the Carp Crab is simply deadly on crayfish eating carp. It's broad profile and lifelike action define one of the most important elements of a good carp fly. Namely, the fly does most of the fishing for you. If you'd like a few of your own they can be purchased here.  Mark is a CarpPro prostaffer, contributor to numerous acclaimed fishing blogs and sites and a Catch Flyfishing fly designer.
  • Thread: Danville Denier 70 match color of fly
  • Hook: Gamakatsu Stinger Sizes 2-6
  • Eyes: Lead Dumbbell Eyes Medium/Large, should be plated...nothing shiny.
  • Legs: Speckled/Barred Rubber Legs, I like Montana Fly Company Speckled Sexi Legs
  • Dubbing: Just a small base layer of your favorite dubbing 
  • Body: UV Polar Chenille: Brown
  • Hackle: Long Webby Schlappen 
  • Wire: Gold, Copper ...wrap to secure Schlappen
  • Back: Thin Skin (bottom) Stripped Magnum Rabbit Fur (Top)


  1. That is an awesome fly well designed.


    1. The Schlappen is really interesting stuff. I haven't worked with it much in a long long time. I wonder if I even have any....?


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