Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Zimmerman's Ditch Dragon by Erin Block

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Tier: Erin Block
Originator: Jay Zimmerman
State: Colorado, Coal Creek

Notes: Erin is an accomplished flyfisher and renowned author. Her blog and her work on Midcurrent have won her a place in the hearts of anglers across the country. Erin's book The View From Coal Creek: Reflections on Fly Rods, Canyons, and Bamboo is a wonderful piece of literature. As if that wasn't enough, Erin is also one of the authors of Pulp Fly: Volume 2. She also took pity on me (Dan) and recorded a reading of one of her writing about carp for one of the CarpPro podcasts

  • Hook:  TMC 200R #8
  • Thread: UTC Ultra Thread, 70 Olive
  • Body:   UTC Ultra Wire, BR Ginger
  • Wing 1: Marabou, Brown
  • Wing 2: Rabbit, olive Variant
  • Flash: Krystal Flash, Root Beer
  • Legs: Sili Legs, Barred Pumpkin/Green-Orange
  • Hackle: Barbell Mono Eyes, Medium Black
  • Head: Trout Hunter, BWO dryfly dubbing

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  1. Ginger in carp flies, nice to see it used here, I believe in it. That's a sweet slow sinker I could use.



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