Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Goodwin's Stillwater Simple

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Tier: Ty Goodwin
State: Georgia

About:  "“Simplify, simplify.” -Thoreau

"Thoreau’s mantra is the background music for most things I do these days, including tying flies. At the vise for the Stillwater Simple for example, I thought about Jamie’s Krazy Karper, a fly fishing ode to simplicity if there ever was one. I thought about venerable old soft-hackles like the Partridge and Orange, elegant and uncomplicated. I thought about subtraction rather than addition. I thought about a fly boiled down to its barest form. Some thread. A wrap or two of hackle. Nothing more.

The one bit of razzle-dazzle I did allow myself was the Prism dubbing thorax because I think a little flash matters. Just a little. I enjoy stillwaters like ponds and small reservoirs because I seem to run into some of the snootiest, most difficult carp in those places. Some days I seem to have few answers, but I think the Stillwater Simple is one.

Notes: Ty is a fantastic angler and one of the leaders in small fly design for carp. He's a Federation of Fly Fishers certified casting instructor and has taught classes for both LL Bean and Orvis. He's also a fantastic author who has contributed multiple times to both The Angler Magazine and CarpPro Magazine. 

  • Hook: Mustad 3906. Sizes 6 to 10
  • Thread: Black 8/0
  • Abdomen: DMC 25 embroidery thread – Avocado Green (#934)
  • Thorax: SLF Prism Dubbing – Black
  • Hackle: Natural Guinea


  1. Got to love soft hackles, nice fly!


    1. One of my top producers every year, and what I go straight to when they get super shallow and uber spooky.


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