Thursday, March 13, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Berrell's Deadpool

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Tier: Wendy Berrell
Location: MN

About: "Deadpool. This goes to the character in X-men who was a cocktail of the various superpowers of the captured mutants. That's how this fly's name came to be. It's a cocktail of various mutants. 

The Peabody may be called the basic starting point. I think it was noted in a critique somewhere that the Peabody is much like a partridge and orange. So maybe it is not even a bookend in itself but one must start somewhere. From there, these attributes were pooled:

(1) The soft hackle of the Carp Carrot and the Montana Carrot.
(2) Deep burgundy of the carp-effective San Juan Worms.
(3) Headstand of the LOD.
(4) Twist tail of the FYI.
(5) Foam tab of the Holschlag Hi-Tail Craw.
(6) Worm + soft hackle of the Hybrid. 

The tier needs to consider the dumbbell eye size relative to foam tab size and arrive at desired sink rate; oversize the foam tab to start, do some testing and if necessary trim the foam tab."

Notes: For years Wendy has foregone the opportunities to fish trout offered by living in the Driftless Area in favor of chasing carp. He's fished them from the Pacific coast to the Great Lakes with immense success. When he's not catching carp Wendy is writing beautifully at his blog, one of my favorites. Also, I once spent 3 days at Wendy's house without changing odd theme involving me spending the night is developing with many of these tiers. - DF
  • Hook: strong scud hook, varying size per water type
  • Head: dumbbell eyes of your preference
  • Subtail: tab cut from sheet foam
  • Tail: twisted chenille, either one strand doubled or two strands twisted together
  • Body: chenille wrapped forward to head
  • Hackle: Any good matching soft hackle; these are from pheasant


  1. Worth noting (because the names are awesome):

    LOD = Legion of Doom (so called as it has brought destruction to many a carp)
    FYI = Fucking Yarn Invasion (so called because...well, do we need a reason for that name?)

    1. Legion of Doom is one of my favorite fly names of all time.

  2. Great pics man. And great write up. Thanks again for all your work on the swap (both you guys).

    River ice coming apart around here; things looking up. Some interjections are on the horizon.

    1. You bet Wendy. This is the year you find the upper Mississippi 20s, I can feel it.


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