Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Fly Swap Loot: Orvis Fly Boxes

Orvis Fly Boxes!

Last year Orvis was kind enough to supply every swapper with a great new flybox for all their shiny new swap flies. Well, this year's swap is bigger and badder and Orvis has stepped up with bigger and badder boxes. Personally, I loved last years box; super light weight and curved so they fit against your body. This year's boxes are even better. They are larger to accommodate more flies but just as light and still curved. Plus, there is a place for swappers to write their name for when they forget what it is. Big thanks to Orvis... boxes are so much more legit than ziplock baggies. 


  1. Sweet! Always thanks to volunteer sponsors and to Mctage for getting this together, along with Dan Fraser and others.


  2. Sweet....I can ditch some of the baggies and cheap plastic cartons!


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