Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Medina's Hevos De La Muerte

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Tier: Mike Medina
State: Colorado, Denver

About:  "Many people think that you shouldn't waste your time with suspended carp.  The Huevos De La Muerte (Eggs of Death) changes that.  Now, don't be afraid to throw them to feeding carp as well, but when you fish it weightless and let the fly sink slowly in front of negative cruising, sunning or suspended carp they really work.  The take can be subtle and difficult to detect.  One method is to watch the leader where it penetrates the water and when it twitches set the hook!"

Notes:  Nobody ever told Mike he couldn't catch negative carp - so he just kept trying and trying.  Now he catches more negative carp than anybody I know and these eggs are one of his secrets.  As I mentioned in the swap announcement, last spring Barry Reynolds was confronted with some extremely large but negative carp and broke out his Huevos De La Meurte from last springs swap.  The result?  His personal best 37lb common carp.  Mike has also hooked several grass carp on these eggs - particularly a version using pale green yarn.

  • Hook:  Eagle Claw Plain Shank All-Purpose Bait, size 10
  • Thread:  Black 
  • Body:  Peach egg yarn.


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    1. Absolutely! Not sure if you got one last year. His is just a tiny bit different than yours. Beyond just being a half moon, Mike goes for more of a fluffy loose-pack.

    2. I like the idea of his pale green version working on grassies.

    3. I think he has hooked some grassies on the peach color too JM, but more on the light green if I remember correctly.

    4. I have hooked them on both, both small and LARGE, if your interested look up Colorado grassie on the egg pattern, on youtube.

    5. TFarmer49January 31, 2014 at 9:23 PM
      Hello Mike, do you use two tufts of yarn for this or just one? I can't quite make it out from the pictures. Any chance of posting a tying video or tying instructions. I'm a beginning fly tier and chasing carp in Albuquerque. Huevos de la Muerte will work here. I know it!

    6. when I tie the eggs of death, I use a piece of glow bug yarn , the size of your thumb nail , three raps vertical , so you have two half's of yarn and three horizontal wraps around the yarn but above the hook . when you tie off pinch the yarn together and trim excess. this is a really fun pattern to fish with, also caught bass, crappie , blue-gill, and catfish on this pattern, oh yea and a 35lb snapping turtle. ha ha.

    7. Thank you Mike. Sounds easy enough. I'll give it a go. The first time I saw this fly I knew it was a winner.

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  3. I tied a egg pattern and gave it a bash at two local lakes. One small lake and one big lake. Got a really good result. The small lake gave me two carp, where this lake gave me know fish the first two times. The other lake gave me two carp. Thx for all the good work... Greetings out of SA....


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