Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Morlock's Quick Craw

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Tier: Kevin Morlock
Location: Beaver Island, MI

About: "Last swap I tied up a big batch of my jumbo Bunny Craws and sent them off. While I knew the fly would be too big for many of the carp destinations where they would end up, I wanted others to see the size and style of flies we're using here. This year I wanted to send something that most of the other people could use and maybe even catch a carp with. My choice was the Quick Craw, a fly that fits the standards of a classic carp pattern."

Notes: If flyfishing for carp has a God's honest celebrity, Kevin is it. You may have seen him popping up on In-Fisherman Magazine, In-Fisherman Television, Jeep Magazine, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine, Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine, Detroit Free Press Newspaper, As Tough As They Come — Iditarod 2007 TV Documentary, Due North Outdoors Television, Woods-N-Water News Magazine, Fox 2 Television, 9 & 10 News Television, Big Outdoor Radio, or WYIN-TV 56 Television. He's also a ProStaffer for CarpPro. When he isn't getting make-up put on for his next big TV spot, Kevin is CRUSHING carp on Lakes Michigan's Beaver Island. And just to make you feel bad about yourself, he also completed the Iditarod in 2007. Big deal, one-time I had to run almost a whole mile in gym class. - DF 


  1. Great looking pattern, Kevin and a great write up, Dan.

    1. Not sure what I woulda done this year without Dan's help.


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