Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Further Developments on the Head-Stand Leech

It looks like I am going to submit the Head-Stand Leech I am working on for the fly swap.  A couple of weeks ago I had started with the intention that it be an articulated leech but I gotta tell you - it was a ROYAL pain in the butt to tie.  It was a really interesting pattern and had already caught several carp, but it was just too annoying. Check it out.

I am still using Pat Cohen's Carp Dub, but after playing around with some other ideas I have decided to ditch the articulation.  Instead I am using a short rabbit strip pierced at the hook and tied in behind the eyes.  The cool trick is that I am putting the rabbit strip on upside down so that it pushes the rabbit fur and the Dubbing shag against each other and flattening the profile of the fly.  It gives the same laterally flattened profile as the original concept, takes about 1/3rd the time to tie and has BETTER action under water.

Here is a picture:


And here is some bathtub video of the new version:

I think this will probably be the version that goes out for the swap.


  1. Replies
    1. A step or two beyond snelled yarn isn't it Mas?

    2. It's the trim job after the snell that makes the difference!

  2. I tie almost exactly this fly, but I put egg yarn (usually magenta) at the head

    1. You know, prototype 2 and 3 had an orange yarn head. Not sure why I bailed on that. I just wasn't feeling it. I do use egg yarn on all my Egan's Headstand heads though.


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