Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carp Are From Venus, Carp Are From Mars

I am working on a more comprehensive update for the carp fly swap but wanted to share something fun real quick.

As far as I can tell Alonzo is a likely no show (I can't figure out how to contact him) so I let in the first alternate Kevin Morlock from Indigo Guide Service and Third Coast Fly.  Kevin already delivered his flies and let me tell you, If Lake MI carp are from Mars, my carp are from Venus!  I have allot of experience with SE Michigan carp and can tell you that they might as well be a different species, but the beasts in Lake MI must be from a different epoch!

McTage's Carp Stew and Morlock's Craw Bunny Carp Flies
Kevin Morlock's Submission Next To A Carp Stew!

I know several of the swappers (4 or 5 at least?) are planning a carpin pilgrimage to Lake MI this year, I will probably try and rig it so that they get one of his flies.  Let me know if you are visiting the holy land and I will try and work it out!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who are the Real Heroes Of The Denver South Platte?

Last night at the Denver Trout Unlimited meeting they gave me an award for "Hero Of The Denver South Platte" for finding and reporting the Sand-Creek oil-spill.  It was an odd feeling.  On one hand I feel weird for getting an award relating to something that I consider a terrible event.  I also feel like Gregg Martin is in large part the hero for making the call that triggered a call that finally triggered the response.  When I first got word of  the possibility of getting an award it made me a little uneasy.  Time has passed however, and I now find that I really am proud to have made a difference and extremely pleased that all the hard work I have put into giving this blog a voice contributed.

They gave me a really nice plaque to hang on my wall and show my son.  Feels good to be able to show your son something with "Hero" printed on it.

In all honesty though, the real award should go to the hard-working guys at Denver Trout Unlimited.  It was only through my relationships with DTU and it's board that I had any idea of what to do.  As a matter of fact it was in a DTU newsletter last spring where I first learned that there are people to call! 

Trout Unlimited plays a critical role across the country on big issues but the local chapters do much more that goes unnoticed.  The chapter boards and members are constantly working on local projects that raise awareness, and Sand Creek shows that this awareness can add up to make a big big difference.

Here is a prime example.  When I was on the bank of Sand Creek it was difficult to figure out what to do and who to call.  I had a vague notion that maybe DTU could make some emergency wallet cards, and they took off with the idea.  Introducing the DTU Spill-Or-Kill reporting card, which they distributed at the meeting and will be available at various fly shops and chapter meetings on the front range. 

You might not get one unless you live on the front-range but I am asking you to please put the number to the NRC (800-424-8802) in your phone RIGHT NOW!  The NRC number works for reporting environmental issues across the entire USA.  Additionally, if you find yourself in an emergency please do not hesitate to call 911. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goings On

First off the fly swap is progressing nicely. I received several more shipments including a full 21 fly set from Pat Cohen. Just about everybody involved has indicated that the check (flies) is in the mail or will be soon and out of shame I put in a valiant effort to mess up my tying desk something good.

My Fly Tying Desk
Where The Magic Happens

A batch of Carp-Stew resulted. We will see if I have the time and energy to man-up and take the count to 21. Seems unlikely since I will be getting allot of flies in the mail over the next week and a half.

A Batch Of Carp Stew Carp Flies
Bowl of Carp-Stew Anyone?
I also spent a considerable amount of time getting caught up for the summary page.  My super-duper professional fly-studio looks like this:

Professional Fly Studio, Don't Try This At Home
Betcha didn't know you were dealing with such a pro eh?  So far it seems to works pretty great though.

I did do a little fishing on Friday.  Once again I pounded my head against the fly fishing for carp in the Winter wall.  Once again I came away with a headache.  Man, it was not nearly this hard last Winter, I am not sure if the fishing is worse or I am.  Regardless the day started on a depressing note as I found a 200 foot (at least) length of 20 or 30lb Mono hanging down the current seam.

I can't even imagine how or why.
OK, so that is depressing but hardly earth-shattering.  Unfortunately what was tangled on the end of the mess hanging in the current was a little shocking.  I am sure this was a simple case of inexperience by somebody because no experienced carp angler (bait or fly) would get spooled like this but it highlights the importance of using appropriate leaders and not just leaving long lengths of mono in the water.  What a terrible way to go, and very creepy.  As I struggled to pull whatever it was up-river I was expecting a tree branch.

What a terrible way to go.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fly Swap Summary Page Preview

Alright fellow swappers, here is a free preview of the summary page for the fly swap in progress.

There it is, my shortest post ever. I have been too busy tying flies and learning how to massacre HTML! A little fishing might go down tommorow, it might not. We will have to see.

NOTE: This page will be in constant update as I receive flies. If the URL does not work it is because I am in the process of tinkering with it or adding participants.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Carp Fly Swap Status

We have 22 people signed up. If you think you are on the list but have not received an email from me either I missed you or I dug up a bad address. The due date for the flies is February 1st so contact me for the shipping address!

Some updates:

  • We already have three shipments in. For being the first to deliver Lonny Garris wins....well nothing I guess. I will say that my wife wants to de-barb a set of his flies and wear them as ear-rings. If somebody ends up shorted I cannot be held responsible for the next big fashion craze to disrupt the fly tying market.
Earstabber (AKA Zimmerman Backstabber) by Lonny. Patent pending??

  • David Smith from USCARPPRO is excited about the swap and sent a bunch of stickers to include in the packages to show his support. If you haven't checked out USCARPRO magazine it is free and there is at least on fly fishing for carp article in every issue.
  • At least two swappers are taking a swing at pumping out more than 10 flies. Warriors! UPDATE - this might mean that each and every one of us gets a copy of a new fly from one of the most exciting tiers on the web. I wont mention his name because I dont want to put him on the spot (yet!) but his latest creation for carp looks on-par. Which means awesome. UPDATE2 - Gregg Martin and Pat Cohen are both in with enough flies for all participants. Awesome.
  • The swap has made for an exciting week. It was my birthday on Wednesday and practically every day this week I recieved a little birthday present of flies in the mail. I know I will have to send them off to good homes but it is still fun. Of course, some packages are for me and me alone. Thanks Ty, my new finewater carp t-shirt came in recently. It will go to good use. I wore the last one into submission.

The current participant list is:

Kevin Morlock, Third Coast Fly   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Austin Anderson, PondBass (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Barry Reynolds , BT2 Productions (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Bill De Brooklyn, The Great Lakes of NYC (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Chris Galvin, Colorado Trout Hunters (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Eric Ridenour, Big EZ World   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Gregg Martin (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
The Roughfisher,  (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
John Montana, Carp on the Fly (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
John Jensen, Currents (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
John Ridderbos (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Justin Watkins, Fishing and Thinking In MN  (FLIES PENDING)
Lonny Garris, Caddis Fly and Pixie Poo (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
McTage, Fly-Carpin   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Mike Medina  (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Matt Pike   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Nate Taylor, Dirtbag Fly-Fishing   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Pat Cohen, Super Fly (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Sean Hudson, Unquenchable Curiosity (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Ty Goodwin, finewater   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Will Rice, The Drake (FLIES RECIEVED!!)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fishin Mojo Is Running LOW

The carpin has been tough lately.  I know it is winter and all that but I have been runnin on skunkty for the last month.  My difficulties stem partially from not lining up fishing time with good weather but I haven't been on my game either.  Since I decided to start fishing through the off-season I have fly fished for carp the last 20 months in a row, I may need a break.  Unless I get a shot at some really sweet weather I think I am going to take the rest of January off.

Today was rough.  The temperature dropped roughly 20 degrees between yesterday and today, and for reasons mysterious to me the river has turned several shades of felch.  I didn't really expect to stand a chance and I was right so I quit after three hours and headed to the International Sportsman's Expo to check in with some friends and enter the casting accuracy competition.  I entered mainly for giggles and because I have been thinking allot about improving my casting this year.  

Believe me, it was freaking hilarious because I sucked!  I did notice one funny thing though.  As I cast to every single target except the one that was a mile (65 feet) away I actually felt like I totally nailed it.  The casts were on-line and they FELT the perfect distance.  I was surprised each and every time when the guy called out that I was just a smidge long.  As far as I can tell I was between 21 and 25 inches long of the bulls eye just about every time.  Habit I guess!

At any rate for the first time in my life I think I am actually going to spend some time actually practicing and maybe even get some lessons like I have been threatening to for the last year or so.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fly-Carpin Carp Fly Swap Details

We have a great mix signed up with a wide range of carp fly fishing and fly tying skills.  Everything from grand-masters and pro-guides to self proclaimed git-er-done hacks and beginners.  We call all regions of the US home but share a passion for fly fishing for carp and I can't wait to see these flies!
Austin Anderson, PondBass
Barry Reynolds , BT2 Productions
Bill De Brooklyn, The Great Lakes of NYC
Eric Ridenour, Big EZ World
Gregg  Martin    
The Roughfisher,                        
John  Montana,  Carp on the Fly
John Jensen, Currents
John Ridderbos                        
Lonny Garris, Caddis Fly and Pixie Poo
McTage, Fly-Carpin
Mike Medina
Mike Pike
Nate Taylor, Dirtbag Fly-Fishing
Pat Cohen, Super Fly
Sean Hudson, Unquenchable Curiosity
Ty Clifton
Ty Goodwin, finewater
Will Rice, The Drake

  1. Mail me 10 copies of your carp fly.  Due Feb 1st!!!  I will send out my address in an email.
  2. Fooey on rules, restrictions and handcuffs.  Feel free to send more copies or more sets of ten if you feel like it.  You will get some duplicates and a few less flies than you sent though.
  3. Include your return address!!!!
  4. At your discretion include materials lists, instructions, how to fish it, about you, website links, credit due etc.  On one hand I want this to be fun so skip all or part of this step if you don't like it!  On the other hand your fly will live on in the summary on Fly-Carpin.  The more information you include the more I add (within reason).
  5. If you earn or supplement your income in some way related to fly fishing for carp feel free to include promotional literature or cards (within reason) and I will include it in the return packages.
  6. If you do NOT want me to post any pictures or other information about your fly for any reason just let me know via a note in the package or email. 
  7. There is no requirement that these are unique flies.  What is and is not a unique fly is a murky subject but I will be highlighting your flies on my website, so try and give credit where due if applicable so that I don’t get nasty-grams or lose possible carpin buddies.  If you are not sure if your fly is a dead ringer, a variant or truly unique just ask and we can decide together.  I will communicate with you directly and negotiate if I feel we need to apply some discretion.
  1. I will take pictures of each pattern and compile a summary page on Fly-Carpin. 
  2. I will do my best to capture any and all supplemental information included with the flies.  This will be the absolute hardest part of this process so have patience with me.
  3. The summary page will include links or plugs to participant’s fly fishing for carp related websites and businesses where applicable. 
  4. I will sort the flies into sets of 10 and mail back packages by Feb 29th!!! 
  5. The packages will vary randomly.  I will work hard to kype all the good stuff be fair.
  6. In order to make this as easy and fun as possible I will (Gulp!) cover shipping costs back first class. 
  7. I will poke around a little and see if somebody will sweeten the pot.  No guarantees.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Carp Fly Swap - Be There or Be Square

I would like to propose the first annual Fly-Carpin carp fly swap.  Details are admittedly vague as of now, but the gist of it would be that participants would mail 10 copies of their favorite carp fly to me with a small shipping fee and a materials list and maybe even tying directions and description on how they fish it.  I would sort the flies, compile materials lists / directions and then each participant would get an assortment of 10 flies back in the mail.
If it looks like I have a chance of getting at decent turn-out I will refine the details and publicize it a little further.  Anybody in?