Friday, January 13, 2012

Carp Fly Swap Status

We have 22 people signed up. If you think you are on the list but have not received an email from me either I missed you or I dug up a bad address. The due date for the flies is February 1st so contact me for the shipping address!

Some updates:

  • We already have three shipments in. For being the first to deliver Lonny Garris wins....well nothing I guess. I will say that my wife wants to de-barb a set of his flies and wear them as ear-rings. If somebody ends up shorted I cannot be held responsible for the next big fashion craze to disrupt the fly tying market.
Earstabber (AKA Zimmerman Backstabber) by Lonny. Patent pending??

  • David Smith from USCARPPRO is excited about the swap and sent a bunch of stickers to include in the packages to show his support. If you haven't checked out USCARPRO magazine it is free and there is at least on fly fishing for carp article in every issue.
  • At least two swappers are taking a swing at pumping out more than 10 flies. Warriors! UPDATE - this might mean that each and every one of us gets a copy of a new fly from one of the most exciting tiers on the web. I wont mention his name because I dont want to put him on the spot (yet!) but his latest creation for carp looks on-par. Which means awesome. UPDATE2 - Gregg Martin and Pat Cohen are both in with enough flies for all participants. Awesome.
  • The swap has made for an exciting week. It was my birthday on Wednesday and practically every day this week I recieved a little birthday present of flies in the mail. I know I will have to send them off to good homes but it is still fun. Of course, some packages are for me and me alone. Thanks Ty, my new finewater carp t-shirt came in recently. It will go to good use. I wore the last one into submission.

The current participant list is:

Kevin Morlock, Third Coast Fly   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Austin Anderson, PondBass (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Barry Reynolds , BT2 Productions (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Bill De Brooklyn, The Great Lakes of NYC (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Chris Galvin, Colorado Trout Hunters (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Eric Ridenour, Big EZ World   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Gregg Martin (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
The Roughfisher,  (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
John Montana, Carp on the Fly (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
John Jensen, Currents (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
John Ridderbos (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Justin Watkins, Fishing and Thinking In MN  (FLIES PENDING)
Lonny Garris, Caddis Fly and Pixie Poo (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
McTage, Fly-Carpin   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Mike Medina  (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Matt Pike   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Nate Taylor, Dirtbag Fly-Fishing   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Pat Cohen, Super Fly (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Sean Hudson, Unquenchable Curiosity (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Ty Goodwin, finewater   (FLIES RECIEVED!!)
Will Rice, The Drake (FLIES RECIEVED!!)


  1. Holly coolness, I will have to see about making some barbless "earrings" for you wife now! Thanks for the shout out. I might have to make another set of flies for you to try out.

  2. We're thrilled to supporting this in some small way. Bust trying to secure some Korda Kurvs in small sizes for you guys to try. Roughfisher himself was blown away with these hooks!!

  3. Lonny - Welcome. Thanks for the quick delivery.
    John - You realize I hope that no matter what you say about your flies that your one of the reasons it is a cool list!
    Dave - Thanks again for the support!

  4. Thanks for plug, McTage! Glad you got the shirt. I'll be sending my flies out this week.

  5. I recently discovered USCARPRO and it is a great read. Much thanks Dave for aiding this effort as well.


  6. Ty - Can't wait to get them in my grubby mitts.
    Gregg - Its a nice mag for sure. Fun to find the fly fishing for carp stuff in it but I try and read at least a couple of the euro articles every time too. Those guys sure know carp.

  7. Half way through a dirty lot. I'll send them soon.

  8. Dirty, thats how we like it around here. Too bad its off season, you could go rub some carp slime on them. We like that even more.

  9. I'm always somewhat late when it comes to getting my flies out for swaps(and I have NO IDEA why!) but you should be getting them by the 2nd!

  10. Yer cool Austin, don't worry about it.


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