Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goings On

First off the fly swap is progressing nicely. I received several more shipments including a full 21 fly set from Pat Cohen. Just about everybody involved has indicated that the check (flies) is in the mail or will be soon and out of shame I put in a valiant effort to mess up my tying desk something good.

My Fly Tying Desk
Where The Magic Happens

A batch of Carp-Stew resulted. We will see if I have the time and energy to man-up and take the count to 21. Seems unlikely since I will be getting allot of flies in the mail over the next week and a half.

A Batch Of Carp Stew Carp Flies
Bowl of Carp-Stew Anyone?
I also spent a considerable amount of time getting caught up for the summary page.  My super-duper professional fly-studio looks like this:

Professional Fly Studio, Don't Try This At Home
Betcha didn't know you were dealing with such a pro eh?  So far it seems to works pretty great though.

I did do a little fishing on Friday.  Once again I pounded my head against the fly fishing for carp in the Winter wall.  Once again I came away with a headache.  Man, it was not nearly this hard last Winter, I am not sure if the fishing is worse or I am.  Regardless the day started on a depressing note as I found a 200 foot (at least) length of 20 or 30lb Mono hanging down the current seam.

I can't even imagine how or why.
OK, so that is depressing but hardly earth-shattering.  Unfortunately what was tangled on the end of the mess hanging in the current was a little shocking.  I am sure this was a simple case of inexperience by somebody because no experienced carp angler (bait or fly) would get spooled like this but it highlights the importance of using appropriate leaders and not just leaving long lengths of mono in the water.  What a terrible way to go, and very creepy.  As I struggled to pull whatever it was up-river I was expecting a tree branch.

What a terrible way to go.


  1. I have a dozen done Trevor, but with my wife scheduled to watch the bachelor with our neighbor tomorrow, I will hold off mailing them until Tuesday. I might try to find a place to hide and maybe knock out a few more flies to or row night.

    In the mail Tuesday, unknown fly count.

  2. I will chalk you up for 30! Small price to pay for getting out of watching the bachelor.

  3. hmm, looks like some of my local urban waters. I'm often leaving with a pocket full of mono.

    I'd like to see you hook into some winter carp soon! Catching carp in winter can't be easy.

  4. Nice flies, an organized tying station, and my nemesis, discarded mono. That stuff gangs up on the hubs and axles of my outdoor chair to make pushing it impossible if I'm careless enough to plow through a pile of it. The swap is continued cool!


  5. John - No, it certainly isn't easy. When you do catch one in the winter it feels like a serious accomplishment.

    Gregg - This stuff would have stopped your chair cold in it's tracks. It was practically cable!


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