Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fly-Carpin Carp Fly Swap Details

We have a great mix signed up with a wide range of carp fly fishing and fly tying skills.  Everything from grand-masters and pro-guides to self proclaimed git-er-done hacks and beginners.  We call all regions of the US home but share a passion for fly fishing for carp and I can't wait to see these flies!
Austin Anderson, PondBass
Barry Reynolds , BT2 Productions
Bill De Brooklyn, The Great Lakes of NYC
Eric Ridenour, Big EZ World
Gregg  Martin    
The Roughfisher,                        
John  Montana,  Carp on the Fly
John Jensen, Currents
John Ridderbos                        
Lonny Garris, Caddis Fly and Pixie Poo
McTage, Fly-Carpin
Mike Medina
Mike Pike
Nate Taylor, Dirtbag Fly-Fishing
Pat Cohen, Super Fly
Sean Hudson, Unquenchable Curiosity
Ty Clifton
Ty Goodwin, finewater
Will Rice, The Drake

  1. Mail me 10 copies of your carp fly.  Due Feb 1st!!!  I will send out my address in an email.
  2. Fooey on rules, restrictions and handcuffs.  Feel free to send more copies or more sets of ten if you feel like it.  You will get some duplicates and a few less flies than you sent though.
  3. Include your return address!!!!
  4. At your discretion include materials lists, instructions, how to fish it, about you, website links, credit due etc.  On one hand I want this to be fun so skip all or part of this step if you don't like it!  On the other hand your fly will live on in the summary on Fly-Carpin.  The more information you include the more I add (within reason).
  5. If you earn or supplement your income in some way related to fly fishing for carp feel free to include promotional literature or cards (within reason) and I will include it in the return packages.
  6. If you do NOT want me to post any pictures or other information about your fly for any reason just let me know via a note in the package or email. 
  7. There is no requirement that these are unique flies.  What is and is not a unique fly is a murky subject but I will be highlighting your flies on my website, so try and give credit where due if applicable so that I don’t get nasty-grams or lose possible carpin buddies.  If you are not sure if your fly is a dead ringer, a variant or truly unique just ask and we can decide together.  I will communicate with you directly and negotiate if I feel we need to apply some discretion.
  1. I will take pictures of each pattern and compile a summary page on Fly-Carpin. 
  2. I will do my best to capture any and all supplemental information included with the flies.  This will be the absolute hardest part of this process so have patience with me.
  3. The summary page will include links or plugs to participant’s fly fishing for carp related websites and businesses where applicable. 
  4. I will sort the flies into sets of 10 and mail back packages by Feb 29th!!! 
  5. The packages will vary randomly.  I will work hard to kype all the good stuff be fair.
  6. In order to make this as easy and fun as possible I will (Gulp!) cover shipping costs back first class. 
  7. I will poke around a little and see if somebody will sweeten the pot.  No guarantees.


  1. Thanks for putting this together! I'm looking forward to some new carp ammo.

  2. Wow. that is a serious list of carpers.

  3. If anyone drops off, I'd volunteer to fill a spot.

  4. Alonzo and Sean Hudson are the last two in for an even 20. Unless we get somebody we can't refuse :-)

  5. Alonzo - I need your email though! Drop me a line at mctage at yahoo dot com

  6. Nate Taylor from Dirtbag Fly Fishing squeeked in as I was going to facebook to close it up. It helps that he is a great guy AND has the best blog title ever.

  7. Dude, McTage, this is going to be sick. I'm fired up for this. Great idea man, totally great idea.


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