Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 Fly Swap: Annear's Mr. Wiggles

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Tier: Luke Annear
State: Madison, Wisconsin

About:  "This fly, in two colors and three weights, takes up the largest portion of my carp box.  Developed from a Carp Candy, a soft-hackle was substituted for the zonker wing (or beard) of the original. I eventually settled on a hook and other materials that I liked best.  I fish a heavy version of this fly a lot on small rivers, on nearly a slow swing, and drag and drop it on anything with little to no current, twitching as needed." 

Notes:  Luke lives in Madison Wisconsin, a paradise of flyfishing. With driftless area spring creeks all around him (including his back yard) and world class pike, musky and small mouth water all within a day trip, Luke decides to target carp. And he does it well. Luke was this year's champion of the Orvis Madison Carp Tournament. Also, Dan once slept on his couch.  

  • Hook: Gamakatsu SL45 #8
  • Thread: Black 6/0
  • Eyes: Back bead-chain eyes
  • Tail: Generous pinch of barred, crawfish orange rabbit zonker
  • Body: Brown Hare's Wiggle Dub in dubbing loop
  • Ribbing: Medium copper wire
  • Hackle: Brown brahma hen neck hackle
  • Head: finished of with tight noodle of wiggle dub (sans rubber) figure-eighted around the eyes.


  1. Rabbit and a soft hackle, hard to beat.


  2. I tie an olive version of this fly using olive variant rabbit, olive brown wiggle dub, and olive partridge and it is one of the most deadly flies I have ever used on carp here in South Dakota. It is a very accurate dragonfly nymph imitation. Thanks for sharing Luke!


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