Friday, September 13, 2013

Floods of 2013

I know folks are looking for a CarpSlam update.  Well, in short I got skunked.  Conditions were tough but I had my shots and didn't convert.  That is fly fishing for carp folks, especially on the South Platte.  Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.  Fortunately my partner Chris Galvin caught one on a really difficult shot, so we didn't go home empty handed and I had a blast even without catching any carp.

Now on to some more interesting recent events.  As you may be aware we went straight from record high temps to record high rains in less than a week.  Floods are terrible things that ruin lives but they do have fascinating implications at times.  For example, who doesn't dream of catching fish out of their front street as a kid?  Well, call me obsessed but I always did.

Who knew? I should have just gone to downtown Aurora on my fishing day off! Instead I went to my favorite local lake just to "get out".

I was expecting impossible. I was expecting no fish and chocolate milk and no sun and perhaps even rain.  For crazy reasons of hydrology and localized weather beyond my understanding I was wrong and had everything I needed but good sun.

After a couple of hours patiently wading as slowly as I could stand it I had only gotten one good shot.  There were carp to be had, I just was not seeing them before they saw me.  Eventually though, my patience was rewarded when suddenly out of the depths of the darkness the clear image of a slowly cruising carp in ankle deep water appeared.  Fishing in cloudy light is like that. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And then all of s suddenly you see a fish as clear as can be.   A quick lob and drag and drop later and that is how Fly-Carpin made it through the floods of 2013.


  1. The oddity of catching a carp in a flooded street aside, that whole interview had an air of weirdness about it. Pretty funny. Glad the floods didn't wipe you out.

    1. That interview was ridiculously bad. So bad I found it funny.

  2. Sorry for the lives lost. That fish looks like a riding bull. When we have carp in a local parking lot at my spring pond in flood out come the bowfishers.


    1. Such an odd mentality. Bow-hunting in a flooded parking lot would be like getting pleasure out of stomping ants.


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