Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Carp Slam Mind Games

Is this my newest go-to carp fly for this years Carp Slam or just another poser proto-fly?  Wouldn't you like to know.

McLuvin Hybrid Carp Fly
McLuvin Hybrid Proto-Fly

Ahh Heck.  Who am I kidding.  Make no mistake - the McLuvin Hybrid will work and probably work well.  Development of it has been scheduled since the moment I discovered red pine squirrel several weeks ago but I think we all know what is going to be tied on the end of my line Saturday morning.


  1. Hi. Can I get a tee shirt sent to the United Kingdom, I'm sure it would be a first?

    Thanks Trevor.


  2. Great alteration! It's amazing what are the go to flies, or styles thereof, of us all throughout the carp world. Good luck!


  3. I'm eagerly awaiting the Carp Slam report!


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