Monday, September 16, 2013

Sculpin Helmet McLuvin Tying Video

I have added a new Sculpin Helmet McLuvin tying video to YouTube.  This fly will be available from CATCH Fly Fishing in 2014.


  1. Well I finally got around to watching this and it was informative. As far as tying goes I'm a bit wary of a head held only by super glue. But if it has held through many fish I suppose all is well. I attach all my eyes with epoxy, having had super glue on Real Eyes wash away. As far as the design, perfect I can see for fish that actually chase things. Wish I had more of those. Nicely done video McTage.


    1. The super glue has given out on me a couple of times but not until I have caught at least 5 carp on it. I wouldn't mind improving that but it is "good enough" at this point. A couple have caught well over 10.


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