Sunday, May 13, 2012

They Call Him Mello Yellow

Fishing time has been a tad scarce lately and the weather this weekend did not help.  I did manage to get out long enough to land one small carp locally but for the most part I am living vicariously through others.

I was very excited to read about John Montana and his first 30 pounder of the year this weekend.  First of many hopefully!  It also got a nice rush from the following email from Will Rice about one of the fly-swap flies he received:
Who tied this fly?  And why are fish chasing it down and crushing it?  Please tell the tier in question: "Will Rice owes you a brewski..."
Will Rice
PS: feel free to use any of these pics.

Well, that there is the Mello Yellow tied by the DSP's own Nate Taylor (visit Nates carp fly page with a Mello Yellow Tying Video).  And since I certainly don't have any pictures as sweet as this lately, don't mind if I do!
Nate Taylor's Mello Yellow Carp Fly in Action - Photo by Will Rice
Nate Taylor's Mello Yellow - Photo by Will Rice
Carp Hooked on a Mello Yellow Carp Fly - Photo by Will Rice
Fish and Photo By Will Rice

Landing a Carp caught on a Mello Yellow - Photo by Will Rice
Fish and Photo By Will Rice

Carp and A Mello Yellow Carp Fly - Photo by Will Rice
Fish and Photo By Will Rice

Thanks Will.  The fly swap may end up being the coolest thing I ever have done or will do with this blog.  Keep the truth alive brother.

I Believe
Photo without a fish but about Will Rice


  1. I love that fly! Mine are a bit different in that I use a rabbit fur tail, but essentially the same. That off yellow is my favorite color also, I think a rusty yellow is something Niate's been playing with. Way to go! And, the Fly Swap has brought much enjoyment to many McTage, thanks.


    1. Ooooohhhh, you know how I love wabbit. If arctic fox didnt just come in 2 usefull colors and totally inconsistent it just might give wabbit a run for it's money but it just aint so.

  2. Replies
    1. Don't remember if you got one or not. The whole sorting process is a blurr.

  3. Replies
    1. Not my fly or my pics but I agree. They are both talented individuals.


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