Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Medina You Lucky Bleep

I seem to be better at finding exotics than catching them lately.  My carpin buddy Mike doesn't seem to have a problem.

Me "I had half an hour to scout that lake you told me about and had a good shot at a totally awesome pure white KOI"
Mike "You mean the white and grey one?"
Me "Uhhhh, I thought it was all white but how did you know?"
Mike "Southwest Corner?"
Me "Uhhh yeah...how did ya..."
Mike "Gotta go"  Click.

Less than 24 hours later -

Mike "Yeah they were both back in that corner."
Me "Uhhhh....BOTH?"
Mike "The all white one you missed and the white and grey one I stuck."

He didn't mention it was a white and grey MIRROR Koi until he sent me the pictures.  How freaking cool is that!  Just one small line of scales down the back.  Which would officially promote him from lucky to lucky bleep. 
Mike's White Mirror Koi Carp on a fly

If something seems odd about that picture, well Mike is what I call "spin-curious" and he caught this fish on a black leach fly on a spinning rod.  Mike is a life-long fly fisherman, teaches fly-fishing and even makes the occasional fly fishing video, but when nobody is looking he carries around a long noodly spinning rod which he over-hand fly-casts freakish distances with.  How does that work?  More importantly WHY?  Beats me man, but the first time I met him I opened the conversation with something like "that would work a whole lot better with a fly-rod"  At which point he cooly and casually dropped his fly within inches of a carp a good 30 feet away.


  1. Where have you been hiding these fish? You do know I would get on an airplane for a mirror koi...in an instant.

    1. It's freaking me out man. And to think that I blew a long distance shot at the sibling (we don't know if it is a mirror too, Mike has a "history" with this one but didnt know about the other one) by about a foot.

    2. Not to mention that this was the very first lake I scouted when I move to CO and I wrote it off as worthless and have never been back.

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  3. Don't know about the "conventional gear" though I've given it a thought if I lost use of a hand or something, but his knowledge and expertise is impressive. What a beautiful fish as well.



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