Friday, March 23, 2012

Kindness and Consideration

While roughly 2/3 of the country has been having a miraculously warm March John Montana has been getting hosed up in Oregon.  A cruel man would take the rare opportunity of John not having some of the best carpin in to country to have some fun at his expense.  Well, out of kindness and consideration I will forebear from mentioning that it will be in the mid to high 70's tomorrow in CO.  I will forget to mention that I have a pass.  I will absolutely not gloat that one of my carpin' buddies has a new spot lined up where the carp are large and in charge and totally into this March weather.  That would be cruel.

Well that was fun, I figure there is a pretty short window before things go back to reality.  Just remember fellow carpers and carp bloggers, eventually things will turn and John will be dropping the hammer and while his carp will be likely to look like this (frequently much bigger actually):

Some of us (me) are just as likely to catch stuff like this:

My record smallest carp.

So when the time comes and he is burning up the net with stunning stories of huge fish we all owe John several (2 or 3 apiece at least) heart-felt statements along the lines of "I am so freaking jealous right now".


  1. I tell my kids, "Every carp's a good carp" and mean it, but John's fish can make it sound self serving and a justification for small fish. Still, I do wish he had some of your weather, which I wish I had for craps sake. OK, I won't laugh when the Denver Airport is closed for snow removal for however many days. I just jinxed you.


  2. I've been catching carp since January down here in Georgia, but that dang John Montana will pass me up in total poundage the first week he gets to fish!

  3. You will all pay. Especially Mctage when he shows up in OR and my rocks beats his fly to the first 20+ lber he sees.

    I feel a little better, I caught 6 today!

  4. Sweet! I only caught 2....which just goes to prove pretty much everything. Glad you are off the shnide, I claim partial credit for foolishly transferring you Carp-Karma with this silly post.

  5. Hey, that looks like an L.A. River fish (the second one ...)



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