Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RIP Lake Mead Trip

Well stuff happens.  I was supposed to go to Las Vegas with my wife in a couple of weeks.  She is in a WPT amateur poker league tournament she won her way into.  While she was in the tournament during the day I was going to be looking for carp on Lake Mead.  At night we were going to do whatever it is you do in Vegas that stays in Vegas up to and including "investing" Zack's college fund.  Well, a couple hundred bucks at any rate. 

Unfortunate and un-avoidable family circumstances have resulted in a change of plans and she will have to tough it out without me.  I was really looking forward to the rare, exotic and nearly extinct experience of a sans-kid husband and wife vacation.  I was also looking forward to breaking in another possible carp destination.  By all accounts the average size of the carp in Mead is nothing to write home about but the scenery, ecology and nearby debauchery of the fishery seems very intriguing.

Rest easy Mead carp you are free from my evil scourge.  For now. 


  1. McTage,

    A good friend told me in all sincerity she saw a carp attacked by a striper there. You'd have had too much fun, bad for the health. Naw, too bad it didn't happen.


  2. Bummer. I was looking forward to a Mead report after I missed my shot at those carp when I was out there this summer.

    I think we should organize a Carp Summit somewhere on Lake Michigan this summer to make up for it. Just sayin'...

  3. If it helps, I lived out there for 6 years. A large amount of carp hang out by the floating marinas since people feed them. They just sit there and hang out. While this sounds like "shooting fish in a barrel", it is not....there is no fishing from the docks or boat slips.

    The rest of the lake is a rough wilderness that makes for tough-to-impossible hiking at times. Finding carp outside of those marinas would be like finding a needle in the haystack.

    Tough, tough, tough fishing.

  4. Gregg - While researching I was pondering taking a sinking line and my predator box. It would appear to even be a reasonable time of year to give it a shot, although still hard with that much water.
    Ty - Oh it is on the list my friend. On the list.
    BFA - I agree. All my research was pointing in one direction. "intimidating" My plan was actually to rent a Kayak if I could find one on at least one of the days just to be able to check in on more water without breaking legs.

  5. Mead is a windy beast in the spring and better in the heat of summer. Somewhere there is a Picture of a very nice fly caught Koi from a Vegas hotel Lobby though Ha..

  6. Oh that is hilarious. The ultimate in challenging quarry, the Sin-City Fountain Fish. You have to truly perservere in order to overcome the one-armed bandits and one-bullet barneys in order to scratch that one from the life-list!


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