Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Clew Of Trouser Worm Flies

Living hand-to-mouth on my carp flies is getting to me.  Enough is enough, time to try and get ahead for once.  In that spirit I sat down and threw together a "clew" of Trouser Worms.  A "clew" you ask?  Evidently that is the term for a bunch of worms.  Like school, herd, flock etc.  When I was looking it up I was afraid it would be "bunch" and well, that is pretty boring so I was going to make up my own.  A "massacre" of worms sounds about right given how much carp dig these babies but clew will work.

Worms are tolerant sorts, I imagine that odd looking fella out front can be in their clew.  Unless it doesn't work, in which case I am hanging it in a tree under the first murder of Crows I find.  And unless you are curious Mr and Mrs Justices of the supreme court THAT is coercion.


  1. Nice! just recieved a few from a tier in your neck of the wood's. Sound's like I'll get my first one soon!

  2. I am anxuious to really give the ones I tied a real chance, and black, my boys swear by the color for a local carp tourney.


  3. John - Next in line are carp stews.
    Eric - Welcome to the revolution! Good luck on that first.
    Gregg - My buddy Mike catches almost all of his carp on black or dark olive. He fishes allot of off-color water and I have kinda followed his lead over the last year and a half. Black really does seem to be money in dirty water.

  4. I tied up a few of these myself recently. I love the way they 'walk' in the water. Can't wait to catch my first carp one.

  5. Don't forget a "gaggle of geese" ... and a "gathering of tarts". Ala, a group of lady's-of-the-evening, on the street corner. Trev, when it comes to carp worms ... you d'best thinker outside d'box.


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