Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scratch And Sniff Carpin

I frequently run into assertions that carp are ugly and stink.  Do they stink?  Do they smell worse than trout?  Dunno.  Honestly I never tried sniffing them.  Until Friday that is, when I decided to pay attention to some of the smells while out fly-carpin.  As a lucky bonus I caught a couple of carp and a nice 17" rainbow.  Time for a scratch and sniff comparison. 

A bonus 17" Rainbow Trout:

Even in the middle of the city trout smells of familiarity and comfort, the kids pond in Tin-Cup CO and family tradition.  It also smells like Grandpa, the best high-country fly fisherman ever.  He was THE trout ninja.   I am crying right now, which is unexpected.

Catching said trout on a fly you designed: 

Since the Primordial Crust is scheduled to be commercially available from Montana Fly Company next year as a "Carp Fly" this just reeks of irony. 

A fly-caught Carp:

The sweet perfume of the fly-caught carp speaks of discovery, adventure, resiliency and un-tapped beauty and grace.  Actually, minus the romantic BS it just smells like slightly urbanized river water.  Just like the trout.  What the heck did you expect?   

Catching said carp on a carp fly you designed:

Pure satisfaction!

Emergency potty break...
 With no toilet paper to be found.
Ignore the faint aroma of urban neglect and it mostly just smells like shit.  Obviously. 




  1. I read this at work today and laughed my arse off. Nice break from cubicle life. Pretty dang good, McTage.

  2. It could have been funnier, but on the second carp I caught I had it all layed out on a sand bank and I was gonna act like I was sniffing it like some kind of carp junkie. When I started the timer and started to lean in for the shot the carp freaked out, slapped me in the face, soaked me head to toe and flopped away.


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