Friday, April 8, 2011

Fly-Carpin Wins the OBN / MFC Fly Designer Contest!!

Victory, Thy Name is Stench!

The MFC Fly Designer Contest Announcement is out and it seems that the folks at Montana Fly Company like the Carp-Stench I am dealing.  McTage's Primordial Crust has been declared the winner and will now be included in the MFC Catalog.  I will become a designated MFC fly designer and receive royalties!  To top it all off they are sending me a hat and MFC Madison Reel.  One of those cool fancy patterned jobs.

I honestly have no idea how profound this is in the grand scheme of things.  I do know that it was a ton of fun and is in no way hard on the ego.  I also know from experience that the only thing more gratifying than catching a fish on one of your own unique designs is watching or hearing about somebody ELSE doing so.  This certainly increases the odds of that happening!

Thanks a bunch to Outdoor Blogger Network for setting this up.  If you are an outdoor blogger and haven't checked them out so.  They are constantly inventing creative ways to enrich the outdoor blogging experience.  Thanks to MFC for taking some Carp Flies seriously.  Finally, thanks to the other competitors.  Going through the other submissions (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) was a significant part of the fun.  Now that I have provided links to the entire universe I will sign off to hang with my Mommasita who just got back from a well deserved vacation in Germany!


  1. Congrats! You are a professional, don't let the IRS hear.

  2. Nice! Great looking fly, I can't wait to try it! Congrats!

  3. Awesome, McTage! Congrats.

  4. Thanks folks...It is funny getting a congrats from Pat Cohen in particular. The only reason we all had a chance was that he wasn't in the game! Have you seen his stuff? Absolutely ridiculous.

    My Dad and Uncle are tax accountants (Tanner and Company, Best in Denver). I know better than to mess with the IRS.

  5. Outstanding! Keep up the good work.

  6. Fan-friggin'-tastic McTage! Congratulations!!!

  7. Congrats on the win. I'll have to look up your recipe and tie some before the Carp Derby here in Traverse City Michigan. Stalking endless flats in crystal clear water for tailing carp. I haven't done it yet, haven't caught a carp, but this is it- this is the Year of the Carp! Looks Like I'll be poking around your site for more ideas soon.



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