Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carp Kit Update

My getup for fly fishing for carp has evolved a little bit since I first posted about it earlier this summer and here is an update with a little more detail.  This is actually pretty embarrassing when I list it out.  Somehow in the past 5 years or so I have evolved from a guy who openly scorned techno-weenies to a total poser. 


Rig 1:
  • 9' 8-weight St. Croix Avid. 
  • Billy-Pate Bone-Fish Anti-Reverse Reel.  Once you have gone AR it is hard to go back.
  • 8 weight Scientific Anglers Expert Distance line.  Which probably means I can cast 71feet instead of 70.  Pathetic.  My lame excuse is that I like the taper for carp.  Allot.
Rig 2:
  • 9' 7weight Sage One rod.  (Carp Slam Loot!)
  • Lamson Lightspeed Hard Allox Reel.  (Carp Slam Loot!)
  • 7 Weight Rio Gold fly-line.

  1. Micro-fibre lens cleaning cloth for cleaning glasses and camera lense
  2. Flybox 1 - Standards
  3. Flybox 2 - Oddballs
  4. Flybox 3 - Prototypes and flies on the list to try 
  5. Flourflex plus tippet spools from 0 to 5x
  6. Knot-Sense UV glue.
  7. Various Flouroflex tapered leaders
  8. Hook Sharpener
  9. Cuticle scissors
  10. Hemo's
  11. Various indicators.  Rarely used.
  12. Some small BB lead weights.  Rarely used.
  13. Electronic scale.  50lb capacity, I am either an optimist or a fool.
  14. Promar Collapsible Trophy triangular series net.
  15. Olympus Tough Underwater point and shoot camera.
  16. William Joseph fanny pack with magnetic latches and no zippers!  I hate zippers.

  1. My lucky greasy and smelly Carpe Carpio hat.
  2. Costa Del Mar "Wave Killer" sunglasses.  Glass lenses, amber tint, blue mirror finish. 
  3. Simms wading socks. (Summer)
  4. Columbia wading shoes. (Summer)
  5. Columbia fishing shirts.  Definite poser gear but are nice in the heat.  (Summer)
  6. NorthFace pants. (Summer)
  7. Simms waders.  (Off-season)
  8. Korkers wading boots.  (Off-season)

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