Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chafield Carp Rescue 2014 Recap

For those that missed it, the carp rescue last week was a great event.  Easily the best thing to come as a result of Fly-Carpin.  Well, I guess helping find that Sand Creek oil spill was more big picture important, but that whole thing was depressing.  This was uplifting because a bunch of us got together and DID SOMETHING about it.

We ended up getting about 24 people helping - almost half of which were kids - and ended up saving about 120 carp from an ignoble and useless death.

It was a good cause if you love carp like many of us do, and that is no surprise.  The surprise was how much fun it turned out to be, especially once the kids got us going.  As Dave Maynard pointed out here - it took some kids getting wet and dirty to show us adults how to loosen up and have some fun with it.  And have fun we did!

Here are a couple of videos on the event -


  1. That was well done, classic stuff! I know you were in a race with bow @$!^!~*!^!, but that was more water than I expected. Any cool by catch?


  2. bycatch - a couple of tiny little carp minnows, they are real pretty at that size.. we all expected to find some bass, but nothing..

    1. Thanks Doug,

      I know small carp, caught several at 1.5" and one grew in a 20 gal. tank to 13" when I released the cramped fish, much loved by my grandkids, as it would eat out of their hands. We lose thousands of trout in our irrigation canals with no attempt to save them, just draconian salvage regs.



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