Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Day of Carpin with McTage for Charity

Don't worry, I will get an update out about Carp Rescue 2014 soon.  I need some time to go through footage and gather pics from participants since I was too into it to remember to stop and take pictures.  I might just be the worst blogger ever.  Who doesn't remember to take pictures?  For now I will say that it was a spectacular success.  We saved around 120 carp and had just about the most fun we all could remember in the process.

In the meantime I need to get the news out that Trout Unlimited is auctioning off a day of fly fishing for carp with me to benefit improvements to the Denver South Platte.  As the listing indicates this will NOT be a guided trip but a shared fishing experience.

Quick Update - We raised 250 bucks to benefit the DSP!!!!


  1. And if your lucky you'll get to pull a tick out of his ass cheek at the end of the day.


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