Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whip Finish Fly Line Loop Video

If you want or need to add a new loop to the end of your fly line to attach your leader to this is the best way. The resulting loop doesn't really float so this is not your best choice if you are drifting indicators to trout - but for most fly fishing for carp situations it is ideal.  The resulting loop has a low profile, gets through your guides easily and smoothly and is virtually indestructible. 


  1. That is exactly why I am replacing 2 lines, the tips sink, one so bad I believe the 2' that submerges quickly absolutely deters carp, indicator (as usual,) or not. I am a true believer in the welded loop myself, I will use an I line or other type sinking line if that is desired.


    1. Well, this doesnt sink like a rock or anything, only an issue if you really need it high and dry. But welded loops are the bomb diggity if you have them.

  2. Check out ititerant angler. DIY welded loops.


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