Monday, April 7, 2014

New Video: A Better Way to Tighten Down the Improved Clinch Knot

Long-time readers of the blog probably know that I have been on a several year crusade against the improved clinch knot for connecting carp flies to tippet.  After significant effort and time I finally decided that the no-slip mono loop knot is the best alternate.

That being said, even I still use the improved clinch in a couple of scenarios.  Occasionally I am in such a hurry to get a different fly to a tailer that it is worth the risk of losing a pound or two of breaking strength to gain a second or two.  I am also using it on the top-side of a new super strong leader system I have been working on with a tippet ring, a bimini twist and a hand-shake knot.

Since knot even I  (pun intended) can completely abandon the improved clinch, I decided to put together a video showing improved clinch stalwarts how they might be able to squeeze a smidge more strength by tightening this knot differently.

Especially if you use flourocarbon, adjusting how you tighten down the knot can increase the strength of this knot dramatically.  Give it a shot.


  1. Good tutorial McT. When I use the improved clinch, especially if I'm using flouro I cinch the knot down under the water. Oh...and replace the tippet ring with a size 10 Spro swivel.

  2. Everybody has their favorite knots, the Trilene is mine, but also have much to learn. I will knot (PI) learn Bimini twist but intend to use the non slip mono loop more. I also do use swivels, especially when trout nymphing and hope to use one as weight to hold down a barely floating fly when I use my sinking lines.



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