Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fly Swap 2014: Galvin's Olive Soft Hackle

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Tier: Chris Galvin
Location: Denver, CO
Website: Trout Hunters

About: "Because I am faced sometimes with more difficult carp like in the South Platte and some local stillwaters I often like to show them something subtle that they havent seen.  This fly has a nice soft landing and the fish will often find it mid column while it is dropping and it rarely scares the fish.  I also like little flies for carp because I can animate them a little more without intimidating them."

Notes:  Unlike most of the swap flies I have had the pleasure of watching this one catch several carp.  One of them was on a lake that drives me absolutely nuts because the fish are difficult.  Or I suck.  Hard to tell.  I have spent many many hours on this lake with limited success and Galvin walked up and landed a fish on his second cast.  He has no idea how close he was to getting thrown in.  Oh and please don't notice all the UV elements on this fly.  Those are top secret. - McTage

  • Hook: size 4 owner mosquito
  • Thread: Olive
  • Head:  Color the olive thread with black magic marker and cover with super glue.
  • UV Hotspot tag: Glo-Brite floss #6
  • Body: Custom blended dubbing (Chris blends dubbing like paint, from feel not by measurements.  See picture below):
    • Brown Olive, Olive and Grey Hares Ear Blend from
    • Amber and orange sow scud
    • Umpqua olive cdc dub
    • Spirit River UV2 Enhancer Light
    • Two colors of peackock dubbing
  • Hackle: Olive Hungarian Partridge.
  • Weight:  Optional 0.015" Lead Wire.  The swap flies had 8 wraps.


  1. Going to make a convert of me yet! I notice that is not very small hook, but that it offers a soft landing with some bling going for it. Nice.


    1. It is a shockingly small hook for size 4. With a big gape of course.

  2. That's great to hear! I need to revisit this pattern... it's been a while. It's worked well in stillwater and on suspended fish for me.


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